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Die Cutting Felt Series: Using Wafer Thin Dies

This is part 2 in the Die Cutting with Felt series!  We covered steel rule dies in part 1 and now we’re going to talk about wafer thin dies.  Wafer thin dies are exactly that; very thin metal shapes with a raised edge that cuts into your material as it passes through the die cutter.

Die Cutting Felt Series: Using Wafer Thin Dies

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Die Cutting Tools and Equipment

Die Cutter & Accessories

There are many brands and styles of die cutters on the market.  They generally all work the same way: A hand crank or motor draws the die+material through the machine, applying pressure as it turns and the die presses through the material.  (FYI a die cutter is different from an electronic cutter such as a Cricut machine.  More on that in another post.)

I recommend using the Sizzix brand of die cutter, and more specifically the Sizzix Big Shot Plus for felt.  There are different sizes and widths of die cutter, and I just find that the Big Shot Plus is the best size for working with 9×12 felt sheets.  There is a larger Big Shot Pro, but it is heavy duty and I would only recommend it if you are running a large business and have a dedicated space for die cutting.  The Big Shot Plus is more easily tucked away when you’re done with it.