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Die Cutting Felt Series: Using Iron-On Glitter

Welcome to Part 3 of the die cutting series!  In Part 1 we covered using steel rule dies, Part 2 was all about wafer thin dies and now we’re going to talk about die cutting iron-on glitter.  I highly recommend you check out Parts 1 & 2 before continuing on with this post.  Unless you’ve got lots of experience with die cutting in which case, proceed!

**Please note: Iron-on glitter is no longer available in the shop, but Glitter Felt sheets are!

The best tips and tricks for die cutting iron-on glitter and felt.

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Iron-On Glitter

Iron-on glitter, is a sheet of glitter vinyl that can be adhered to fabric with an iron.  In this post we’ll be covering how to cut the glitter before and after it has been backed with felt.  There are many uses for glitter felt, I typically use it for leaves on Christmas wreaths, but I’ve seen hair bows and other accents and accessories using glitter.  However it doesn’t have the same flexibility as regular felt, so there are limitations to it’s uses.  Tips and tricks for working with glitter felt will be covered in another post.