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Gerbera Daisy – Felt Flower DIY

These super cute gerbera daisies are going to be the basis for a whole bouquet, with multiple tutorials! I’ve been having lots of fun playing around with die cutting and figuring out how to make as many designs as possible from a single die. This felt flower diy creates a gorgeous multi-petaled flower without all the fuss of individually cutting every single petal.

Felt Flower DIY tutorial with step by step instructions for creating a beautiful gerbera daisy. How to make pretty felt flowers for a diy bouquet.

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I love the natural look of this flower. The petals aren’t identical, and they have so much movement that the daisy looks different every time you look at it! You can really fluff it and shape it too, giving it lots of dimension.


Die Cutting Felt: One Die, Six Designs

Die cutting can be a huge time saver when crafting with felt and I know many people who use dies to create beautiful diy felt flowers.  But sometimes die cutting can feel limiting.  I know I am often tempted to purchase many different dies in order to realize my creative vision.  But the problem is that a) I don’t have unlimited space in which to store millions of dies and b) dies can get expensive.  So I’m on a mission to make the best use of a select few dies.  To that end, I challenged myself to use a single die and create as many different designs as I could with it!

Make the most of your dies! Use one die to create these 6 beautiful floral elements!

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I tested and tested and tested so many ideas for this post!  It took me a while to find 6 florals that I was really happy with.  But I would call this little experiment a success and I hope you will too!

First things first, this is the die I used;  Sizzix Bigz 3-D Flowers, number 656545.  I chose this die because I know that many people already have it in their die collection.  If you don’t happen to have this one, it’s fairly easy to come across.  I bought mine here.


DIY Felt Flower Tutorial – Calla Lily

DIY Felt Calla Lily Tutorial and Free Pattern!

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Calla Lilies have to be one of the most elegant flowers.  They are simple and unassuming and drop dead gorgeous and made out of felt, they will last forever!  I made a whole bouquet of them, since I just love them and I couldn’t stop myself.  What can I say, I’m a compulsive crafter!

This pattern is simple, however it may take a couple of attempts in order to master it.  I recommend starting with a scrap colour to test it out first.  I developed the pattern around these stamens that I stumbled upon.  They are actually made for cake decorating (although they are NOT edible) but I spotted them and my creative brain said “hold the phone. We NEED these for felt flowers!”  I think they look amazing and I can’t wait to see what other flowers we can use them with!


DIY Felt Rose Stems – With Pattern

This is a beautiful but simple rolled felt flower that is more than suitable for
someone just starting to experiment with wool blend felt!  Create a sweet
arrangement to adorn your breakfast table, without the hassle of ever having
to remember to water it! (more…)