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Do People Keep Giving You Their Unwanted Craft Supplies?

What to do when someone wants to give you their un-needed craft supplies.

If you are generally serious about your crafting habits, then I would guess that most of your family and friends know about your interests.  But as soon as people know that you’re a crafter, they might start ‘gifting’ you with their unwanted craft supplies.  It’s an occupational hazard unfortunately.

These gifts are always well-meaning and good-intentioned, but the truth is that someone’s basement or attic just got cleaned out and you are now the proud owner of a cross stitch kit from the 70’s of a bale of hay.  (If that’s your thing, awesome. Fill your boots.)  Perhaps a kind relative thought you needed 573 clear plastic buttons and a 5 foot length of zipper? Have you ever been in possession of a neighbour’s 50 year old wedding dress?  I have.  I know the struggle.