Items in stock will ship out within 3-5 business days of purchase. If you request a special order it can take 3-4 weeks to ship out.

At this time we do not accept returns or exchanges. Lost parcels marked as ‘delivered’ or ‘attempted delivery’ can not be refunded.  Please contact us if you never receive your parcel.

We currently only ship within Canada and to the US.

For more detailed information about shipping, please refer to our Shipping Policy.

All costs are listed in Canadian dollars.

Q:  I live in HRM, is local pickup available?
A:  No, unfortunately local pickup is not an available option.

Q:  What shipping charges can I expect?
A:   Within Canada
1-2 sheets (12x18s) – $2.73
3-5 sheets (12x18s)      – $4.05
6-7 sheets (12x18s)     – $6.43
8-10 sheets (12x18s)    – $7.75
11-22 sheets (12x18s)    – $11.89
23-47 sheets (12x18s)    – $16.09
48-76 sheets (12x18s)  – $17.89
77 sheets or more       – $20.29

In order to save you shipping costs, orders between 5-10 sheets will ship in 2 separate packages.

To the US:
Up to 6 sheets (12x18s) – $9.00
7 sheets or more (12x18s) – $18.00

Q: Only half my order arrived, where is the rest?
A: Orders between 5-10 sheets (12x18s) ship in 2 separate envelopes.  Typically the envelopes arrive on the same day since they are always shipped on the same day.  However, on occasion it can take extra days for the second envelope to reach you.

Q:  I need larger cuts than 12″x18″, is that possible?
A:  Cuts larger than 12″x18″ may be special ordered. Yardage requests can be placed here.

Q:  The colour I want is out of stock, how long will it be before it is back in stock?
A:  It may vary, the best way to find out is to contact us.

Q:  Can felt be washed?
A:  Yes, felt can be washed before you start crafting with it especially if you intend to use it for a toy or clothing that will need to be washable.  You can wash your felt by immersing the piece in a sink of hot soapy water.  Rinse and squeeze the felt repeatedly until the water runs clear to make sure any excess dye is removed.  Lay it flat to dry.  Your piece will have shrunk a little, so make sure you started with more than you needed for your project.

Q:  Can felt be ironed?
A:  Yes felt can be ironed gently using a little steam.  If you have pre-washed your felt you will need to iron it before you proceed with your project.  If your felt arrives a little creased due to the shipping process, the creases will easily iron out flat.

Q:  How can I care for my felt project?
A:  Try to keep your projects out of direct sunlight as the colours will fade over time.  We recommend spot cleaning and gentle hand washing in cold water.  If you have appliquéd a pre-washed felt design on a piece of clothing, you should have no problem washing it on a gentle cycle in your washer.

Q:  What is the fiber content of your wool blend felt?
A:  Our wool blend felt is 20%-35% wool and 65%-80% rayon.  If you need to know the exact ratio for a specific colour, please contact us.  Rayon is a fiber primarily made from wood pulp.

Q:  I need a very specific colour, how can I be sure that the colours pictured on my device screen are accurate?
A:  If you need to colour match, we recommend purchasing a colour swatch card to ensure accuracy.  Colours may vary slightly from screen to screen.

Q:  What can I make with Wildflower wool blend felt?
A:  Just about anything!  You can make felt flowers, play food, Christmas ornaments, felt boards, penny rugs, dolls and hair bows to name a few.  If you can dream it, you can make it!

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Happy Crafting!

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