DIY Felt Poppy Flower

I promised that I would try to create an entire bouquet of different flower designs using a single die. First I made the gerbera daisy and now here’s a cute DIY felt poppy using the same die!

Learn how to make felt flower poppies with this simple tutorial. Create a super pretty DIY felt poppy to add to bouquets, wreaths or hair clips.

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I opted not to put the poppy on a stem, just because there’s lots of different ways to use this flower. You could put a hair clip on it or attach a headband. You could string a bunch of them up into a garland or use them in a wreath.

But adding a stem would be pretty easy, just do it the same way as I showed with the daisy.


The die in question is the Sizzix Bigz L Bundle of Flowers. I used it to create the gerbera daisy. I’ve been using it to design other flowers too, hopefully I get around to writing tutorials for those!


Gerbera Daisy – Felt Flower DIY

Beautiful Felt Gerbera Daisy Tutorial. Make these gorgeous felt flowers with step by step instructions!

These super cute gerbera daisies are going to be the basis for a whole bouquet, with multiple tutorials! I’ve been having lots of fun playing around with die cutting and figuring out how to make as many designs as possible from a single die. This felt flower diy creates a gorgeous multi-petaled flower without all the fuss of individually cutting every single petal.

Felt Flower DIY tutorial with step by step instructions for creating a beautiful gerbera daisy. How to make pretty felt flowers for a diy bouquet.

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I love the natural look of this flower. The petals aren’t identical, and they have so much movement that the daisy looks different every time you look at it! You can really fluff it and shape it too, giving it lots of dimension.


How To Stiffen Felt – Montserrat Leaf DIY with Free Pattern

I’m on a mission to add more greenery to my home, and since I’m really bad at keeping plants alive, I’m sticking with the faux versions. So I designed a simple montserrat leaf and I’ll show you how to stiffen felt so the leaves can be shaped for a natural look.

Learn a simple and effective method for how to stiffen felt while creating lovely greenery for your home!

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Download the pattern here.

You can print it on freezer paper and iron it onto your felt or simply pin the paper to your felt. It’s up to you.


Felt Caravan Garland DIY

Make an adorable wool felt caravan garland with this DIY and free printable pattern!

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There are a number of projects you could use this pattern for such as a garland, a pincushion, you could enlarge the pattern to make a pillow or create hoop art and stitch ‘happy camper’ beneath it. Your imagination is the limit!

There are a number of pattern pieces included that you can mix and match to create your own unique caravan designs.


Easy Autumn Craft for Kids | Using Up Felt Scraps

Recently I’ve been brainstorming ways to use up my massive pile of felt scraps.  Seriously, I’m soon going to have to build an addition on my house to handle all this felt!  So this post is the first of many (I hope!) ideas for using up felt scraps.  Because if you’re anything like me, it just breaks your heart to have to throw out beautiful felt!

Using up wool felt scraps while doing a fun fall craft with the kids!

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I was able to fully test out these curved scissors while I cut out a million little leaves for this craft, which was on my to-do list.  And combined with a treat-decorating activity, we had a fun family day of fall activities!  It was a win-win-win situation!


Die Cutting Felt: One Die, Six Designs

Die cutting can be a huge time saver when crafting with felt and I know many people who use dies to create beautiful diy felt flowers.  But sometimes die cutting can feel limiting.  I know I am often tempted to purchase many different dies in order to realize my creative vision.  But the problem is that a) I don’t have unlimited space in which to store millions of dies and b) dies can get expensive.  So I’m on a mission to make the best use of a select few dies.  To that end, I challenged myself to use a single die and create as many different designs as I could with it!

Make the most of your dies! Use one die to create these 6 beautiful floral elements!

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I tested and tested and tested so many ideas for this post!  It took me a while to find 6 florals that I was really happy with.  But I would call this little experiment a success and I hope you will too!

First things first, this is the die I used;  Sizzix Bigz 3-D Flowers, number 656545.  I chose this die because I know that many people already have it in their die collection.  If you don’t happen to have this one, it’s fairly easy to come across.  I bought mine here.


How to Ink Felt

Wool felt is such a versatile material, you can do a number of crafty things to it to create the exact project you have in mind.  Included in that list is applying ink to add dimension to your florals.

Using ink to add dimension to your felt florals is an easy way to make them more realistic and interesting!


Die Cutting Felt Series: Using Iron-On Glitter

Welcome to Part 3 of the die cutting series!  In Part 1 we covered using steel rule dies, Part 2 was all about wafer thin dies and now we’re going to talk about die cutting iron-on glitter.  I highly recommend you check out Parts 1 & 2 before continuing on with this post.  Unless you’ve got lots of experience with die cutting in which case, proceed!

**Please note: Iron-on glitter is no longer available in the shop, but Glitter Felt sheets are!

The best tips and tricks for die cutting iron-on glitter and felt.

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Iron-On Glitter

Iron-on glitter, is a sheet of glitter vinyl that can be adhered to fabric with an iron.  In this post we’ll be covering how to cut the glitter before and after it has been backed with felt.  There are many uses for glitter felt, I typically use it for leaves on Christmas wreaths, but I’ve seen hair bows and other accents and accessories using glitter.  However it doesn’t have the same flexibility as regular felt, so there are limitations to it’s uses.  Tips and tricks for working with glitter felt will be covered in another post.


Die Cutting Felt Series: Using Wafer Thin Dies

This is part 2 in the Die Cutting with Felt series!  We covered steel rule dies in part 1 and now we’re going to talk about wafer thin dies.  Wafer thin dies are exactly that; very thin metal shapes with a raised edge that cuts into your material as it passes through the die cutter.

Die Cutting Felt Series: Using Wafer Thin Dies

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Die Cutting Tools and Equipment

Die Cutter & Accessories

There are many brands and styles of die cutters on the market.  They generally all work the same way: A hand crank or motor draws the die+material through the machine, applying pressure as it turns and the die presses through the material.  (FYI a die cutter is different from an electronic cutter such as a Cricut machine.  More on that in another post.)

I recommend using the Sizzix brand of die cutter, and more specifically the Sizzix Big Shot Plus for felt.  There are different sizes and widths of die cutter, and I just find that the Big Shot Plus is the best size for working with 9×12 felt sheets.  There is a larger Big Shot Pro, but it is heavy duty and I would only recommend it if you are running a large business and have a dedicated space for die cutting.  The Big Shot Plus is more easily tucked away when you’re done with it.


Die Cutting with Felt Series: Using Steel Rule Dies

If you’ve been crafting with felt on a regular basis, then I’m sure you’ve thought about die cutting and how it could help your creative process.  I’ve been using a die cutter for just over a year and it has greatly helped me scale both my businesses.  I get asked a lot of questions about die cutting felt, so I’m launching a series of posts on the subject that I hope will offer valuable tips and insight!

Wool and wool blend felt die cuts beautifully. Read on to find out how to use Bigz dies for you felt project.