DIY Felt Poppy Flower

I promised that I would try to create an entire bouquet of different flower designs using a single die. First I made the gerbera daisy and now here’s a cute DIY felt poppy using the same die!

Learn how to make felt flower poppies with this simple tutorial. Create a super pretty DIY felt poppy to add to bouquets, wreaths or hair clips.

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I opted not to put the poppy on a stem, just because there’s lots of different ways to use this flower. You could put a hair clip on it or attach a headband. You could string a bunch of them up into a garland or use them in a wreath.

But adding a stem would be pretty easy, just do it the same way as I showed with the daisy.


The die in question is the Sizzix Bigz L Bundle of Flowers. I used it to create the gerbera daisy. I’ve been using it to design other flowers too, hopefully I get around to writing tutorials for those!

making a felt poppy with sizzix bundle of flowers die

I also got to try out the new version of my favourite Surebonder glue gun. It has a finer point than my last glue gun.

The finer point is wonderful for detailed petal work! Find it on Amazon here. And don’t forget that Surebonder glue guns require Surebonder glue sticks. 🙂

my favourite glue gun for making felt flowers

DIY Felt Poppy

To start, die cut 4 petals from the donut shape out of red. Cut one fringe piece out of black and 2 small green petals. And grab a 1cm felt ball too, I have a bunch of different colours in the shop  but I think it looks best in green for this flower.

Make a pretty diy felt poppy flower!

(Isn’t that a pretty pretty glue gun?! It’s cause it’s fresh out of the package and isn’t all covered in bits of glue and felt fuzz, ahah!)

Removing Extra Blades

Here’s the thing with the leaves; the die has blades that cut useless slits into the pieces. So I pulled those blades out with a pair of needle nosed pliers. It was actually much easier than I expected it to be.

This is a great way to manipulate your dies to be more functional for you. Just make sure you wrap the blades up really well before you throw them in the trash. They sharp!

How to take extra blades out of steel rule dies

Flower Assembly

Start by snipping off the extra circle on the fringe piece. Then cut the fringe in half. Wrap and glue one strip around the 1cm felt ball. Start the second strip by glueing down the end. Wrap it around without gluing it yet, and trim off any fringe that overlaps by more than 3 layers. When I did it I only had to trim off one piece of fringe. Then glue.

See how there’s exactly 3 layers of black fringe around the ball?

rolling the center of the DIY poppy felt flower

Next you’re going to take your donut petals, fold them almost in half and secure with a little glue. Then fold them into quarters and secure with a little more glue. You want your petals to form nice 90 degree angles.

How to fold the felt poppy petals

Now you just glue the base of the petals to the centre fringe. You might have to squish them in to get them to fit. It’s art after all, not science!

Once they’re secure, flatten the whole flower down and add some glue to the back to hold the shape.

Attaching the poppy petals to the centre

Making the Leaves

Overlap the leaves and secure with a glue dot. Fold the left leaf over onto the right and glue dot. Then fold the right leaf over the left. Now you have a little leaf trumpet! Glue it to the back of your pretty felt poppy!

Glueing the felt leaves

Tutorial for a pretty DIY felt poppy!

My goal with this tutorial is to show that it’s possible to make lots of different designs with a single die, in this case the Sizzix Bigz L Bundle of FlowersYou don’t have to use the die in only the way it is presented. With a little creativity you can really stretch the intended use of the die. Dies are expensive after all!

Follow along this easy felt flower tutorial and learn how to make a pretty DIY felt poppy!

There it is!

Don’t forget to check out the die here, and the Surebonder glue gun here. Once you go Surebonder, you’ll never go back!

Happy Crafting!


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  1. Michelle Farmer says:

    I have a fabi by Sizzix. Will this die work in it? It’s about 6” wide

  2. Sara says:

    Hi! What colors were used for these flowers?

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