Gerbera Daisy – Felt Flower DIY

These super cute gerbera daisies are going to be the basis for a whole bouquet, with multiple tutorials! I’ve been having lots of fun playing around with die cutting and figuring out how to make as many designs as possible from a single die. This felt flower diy creates a gorgeous multi-petaled flower without all the fuss of individually cutting every single petal.

Felt Flower DIY tutorial with step by step instructions for creating a beautiful gerbera daisy. How to make pretty felt flowers for a diy bouquet.

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I love the natural look of this flower. The petals aren’t identical, and they have so much movement that the daisy looks different every time you look at it! You can really fluff it and shape it too, giving it lots of dimension.

I’m really hopeful that I’ll be able to create a pdf printable pattern for this felt flower DIY because I know some felt florists prefer to hand cut their petals. For now, creating this flower requires the use of a die. BUT, when all is said and done, we’re going to create an ENTIRE bouquet using this one die! So it’ll really be worth it. ๐Ÿ™‚

Here is a tutorial for a felt Poppy using the same die!

Felt Flower DIY

Here’s what you’ll need to make one gerbera daisy:

Pink felt, 9×12 sheet. I used Pink Clover
Light green felt, 2″x5″ strip. I used Mint Gelato
Light yellow felt, 2″x5″ strip. I used Sherbet Lemon
Green felt, 6″x6″ piece. I used Spring Leaf
Flower Stem, 18 gauge & 18″ long, cut in half (I get mine at my local craft supply shop)
Hot Glue Gun
Small scissors, like snips or the spring action fiskars I used
Die – Sizzix Bigz L Bundle of Flowers #661988
Big Shot die cutter
Needle nose pliers (mine are from the hardware store.)

How to make a felt flower gerbera daisy

Cutting out the Pieces

You’ll need to cut:

3x the daisy petals piece out of pink felt
1x fringe out of light green
1x fringe out of light yellow
2x leaf out of green
1x wavy incomplete donut shape (do you like my technical terms?! Haha)

cutting out the pieces for a felt flower gerbera daisy

Manipulating the Die Cut Pieces

Here’s where we start getting creative. You don’t have to use a die ONLY for the design suggested by the manufacturer. You can cut bits off and add strips and do any number of creative alterations in order to produce unique designs! That’s the fun part!

First, cut the 2 strips of fringe in half and remove the little circle pieces.

Then take your shears and go along the edge of the green donut piece and create deeper waves. These spring action shears are PERFECT for this kind of task because they give you maximum control. You basically hold your scissors still and move the felt along to cut it.

Finally, cut up the petals into sections. Each die cut round will yield 4 groups of 3 petals and 1 group of 2 petals. So you’ll end up with 12 groups of 3 petals and 3 groups of 2 petals in total. Clear as mud? Great. Take your 3 groups of 2 petals and cut them in half so you have 6 individual petals.

Get creative with your die cut pieces in this felt flower diy!

Assembling the Gerbera Daisy

Now you’re going to take each section of 3 petals, add a dab of glue in between 2 petals at the base and fold the 3rd petal in so it fills in the space between the first 2 petals.

Do this 12 times.

Take the light green pieces of fringe and roll them using a dab of glue at the beginning and end of the strips. Abut the 2 strips.

Wrap one of the light yellow strips around the green in it’s entirety. Take the second yellow strip and only wrap it around until there are exactly 2 layers of yellow fringe. Trim away the extra yellow and apply glue to the bottom of the flower centre to secure everything into place.

Felt Flower DIY tutorial for a gerbera daisy

Now we can start adding petals to the fringe centre.

For the first layer: Position a group of 3 petals so that the single petal rather than the 2 petals is against the fringe. Add a dab of glue to the base of the grouping and secure it to the fringe.

Place another group of 3 petals on the fringe exactly opposite the first group.

Add 2 groups of 3 between them, on either side of the fringe.

Ok, bear with me. The idea is that you need to evenly space 6, 3-petaled groups around the fringe.

attaching the first layer of petals to a diy felt gerbera daisy

Does this help?:

petal placement for a felt flower diy

Add the second layer of petals:

Place the last 6 groupings of petals evenly around the flower, glueing them in between the groups of the first layer to fill in the spaces.

How to attach the second layer of petals to your felt flower daisy

Then all you do is use the 6 single petals to fill in any gaps! Totally at your own discretion.

Creating the Flower Stem

For a flower with a nice flat center, this is how I like to make the stems.

Pinch the very end of the floral wire with the pliers.

Hold on tight and wrap the wire around itself a couple of times.

Bend the long length of the wire so that it is approximately leading down from the center of the spiral pad.

Be generous with the glue and secure the spiral to the flower center.

Making a stem for a felt flower diy tutorial

You can use the same technique for the stem on the felt Poppy I designed using the same die!

Adding the Foliage

Now for the green stuff that ties it all together!

Take your green wavy donut, overlap the ends of it and glue. Slide it down the wire, add glue around the wire spiral and secure the donut.

Working in sections, add small dabs of glue along the wavy edge of the donut and press it up against the flower petals. Hold each section in place for a few seconds until it’s really secure before moving on to the next.

This might take a little practice because it’s not a perfect fit. Which I think helps the flower to look more natural and give it a great shape.

Lastly, take your 2 leaves, snip a tiny hole near the end of each one, slide them down the wire and glue them into place such that they cover up any of the wire spiral that’s still exposed.

Adding the greenery to a felt gerbera daisy

Beautiful Felt Gerbera Daisy Tutorial. Make these gorgeous felt flowers with step by step instructions!

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Learn how to make diy felt flowers to add to a gorgeous floral bouquet!

Seriously, how pretty are these!?

The prettiest felt flower diy. Follow this step by step tutorial to create these stunning felt gerbera daisies.

Soooo, who’s excited for the next instalment in this felt flower diy bouquet adventure?! Check out the Poppy tutorial here.


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