Felt Caravan Garland DIY

Make an adorable wool felt caravan garland with this DIY and free printable pattern!

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There are a number of projects you could use this pattern for such as a garland, a pincushion, you could enlarge the pattern to make a pillow or create hoop art and stitch ‘happy camper’ beneath it. Your imagination is the limit!

There are a number of pattern pieces included that you can mix and match to create your own unique caravan designs.

Felt Caravan DIY Garland with Free Pattern

Only use wool blend felt or 100% wool felt. Acrylic craft felt will not yield the same results.

Tools Needed:
Pattern – Printed & Cut Out
Embroidery Needles
Embroidery Scissors (These are my favourite)
Straight Pins
Fading Fabric Pen (optional)
Freezer Paper (optional)
Scotch Tape
Polyfill or Wool Roving for stuffing
Embroidery Floss

Wool Felt Needed:
Main Colour (Top & Back & Door):  2 pieces each 4″x3″
Secondary Colour (Bottom & Wheel Well):  1 piece 3.5″x2″
White or Silver (Windows): 1.5″x1.5″
Black or Dark Grey (Tire): 1″x1″
Accent Colour for Details: 2″x2″

Stitches Used:
Blanket Stitch
Back Stitch
French Knot
You can download a simple stitch guide here. The blanket stitch and back stitch are pretty much interchangeable in this pattern as suits your tastes. However I recommend using only the blanket stitch to close up the caravan.

Notes on colour selection:
I find that this pattern works best if you use a darker colour for the top of the caravan and a lighter colour for the bottom.

Match the door colour the same as the top, and the wheel well the same as the bottom.

Cutting Instructions:
Print out the pattern.

Cut out all the pieces you would like for the front of your caravan using embroidery scissors. You can either pin or tape the pattern pieces in place or print them on freezer paper and iron them onto the felt.

Don’t cut out the backing piece yet.

Felt Caravan Garland DIY with Free Pattern

Assembly Instructions:

1. Sew windows
Sew the window pieces to the top portion of the door and the top portion of the caravan.

Felt Caravan Garland DIY With Free Pattern

2. Sew top to bottom
Overlap the top piece of the caravan onto the bottom piece.

3. Sew door
Sew the door in place but do not stitch across the bottom yet.

4. Secure Wheel
With a couple of whip stitches, secure the wheel in place.

Felt Caravan Garland DIY With Free Pattern

5. Sew Wheel Well
Stitch the wheel well over the wheel, stitching all the way around.

6. Cut out the backing
Pin the caravan to the backing piece of felt and carefully cut around it.

Felt Caravan Garland DIY With Free Pattern

7. Sew Wheel
Blanket stitch the wheel to the backing.

8. Sew the Bottom
Blanket stitch the bottom of the caravan to the backing.

9. Sew & Stuff the Top
Blanket stitch the top of the caravan to the backing piece about halfway around. Stuff with polyfil or felt scraps. Keep sewing around and adding polyfil as needed.

I turned my caravans into a garland simply by using a 1/8″ ribbon and darning needle. I knotted loops on either end of the ribbon. Felt Garland DIY with free printable pattern

DIY Felt Garland with Free Pattern

DIY Felt Caravan Garland with free printable pattern

DIY Felt Caravan Garland with free printable pattern

If you make this caravan, I would love to see! Post pictures of your creations in the comments!

Happy Crafting!


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