Easy Autumn Craft for Kids | Using Up Felt Scraps

Recently I’ve been brainstorming ways to use up my massive pile of felt scraps.  Seriously, I’m soon going to have to build an addition on my house to handle all this felt!  So this post is the first of many (I hope!) ideas for using up felt scraps.  Because if you’re anything like me, it just breaks your heart to have to throw out beautiful felt!

Using up wool felt scraps while doing a fun fall craft with the kids!

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I was able to fully test out these curved scissors while I cut out a million little leaves for this craft, which was on my to-do list.  And combined with a treat-decorating activity, we had a fun family day of fall activities!  It was a win-win-win situation!

So there’s really nothing complicated about this project.

I printed off this tree onto some cardstock.

Then I dug through my enormous pile of felt scraps and pulled out all the fall colours.

Then we watched Zootopia and I cut, cut, cut and cut out the leaves.  I wasn’t too fussy about exact size and shape, each leaf was a little different, just like real life!

Easy Fall Kid's Craft

A few words about the scissors I used:

They are Fiskar’s Curved Craft Scissors.  I was a bit skeptical that curved scissors would really work any better than straight scissors, but I was pleasantly surprised.

They made cutting free-hand quite a bit easier, especially since I was cutting such small pieces.  I would recommend having it in your arsenal of scissors, they’re really handy for cutting out complete circles too.

My only complaint is that I wish the scissors had slightly longer/larger handles.  After the 100th leaf my hand started cramping up a bit. 🙂

So. Many. Leaves.

Using up Felt Scraps

If you’re wondering about the glue, the glue stick pictured here is what I always use when I’m making up colour cards.  It’s just Elmer’s craft glue, it’s purple and I think I bought it at Staples. It works very well for sticking felt to paper.

Then we just let the kids go nuts!

Easy Fall Craft for Kids Easy Fall Craft for Kids

I actually made a tree too, but their’s looked wayyy better than mine!  Haha! Check out these cuties!

Use up felt scraps making this easy felt craft for kids

We had lots of fun doing this, it was a great activity for a cozy and cloudy October Saturday!

Using curved scissors to cut out felt leaves

Have you tried out curved scissors yet?  What was your experience?  Don’t forget to check out the Tools & Resources for more recommendations.

Happy Crafting!


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