Die Cutting Felt: One Die, Six Designs

Die cutting can be a huge time saver when crafting with felt and I know many people who use dies to create beautiful diy felt flowers.  But sometimes die cutting can feel limiting.  I know I am often tempted to purchase many different dies in order to realize my creative vision.  But the problem is that a) I don’t have unlimited space in which to store millions of dies and b) dies can get expensive.  So I’m on a mission to make the best use of a select few dies.  To that end, I challenged myself to use a single die and create as many different designs as I could with it!

Make the most of your dies! Use one die to create these 6 beautiful floral elements!

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I tested and tested and tested so many ideas for this post!  It took me a while to find 6 florals that I was really happy with.  But I would call this little experiment a success and I hope you will too!

First things first, this is the die I used;  Sizzix Bigz 3-D Flowers, number 656545.  I chose this die because I know that many people already have it in their die collection.  If you don’t happen to have this one, it’s fairly easy to come across.  I bought mine here.

This die is a staple of any collection and is readily available.

I challenged myself to make as many floral elements as I could using this one die and here’s what I came up with!

Rolled Flowers

This design feels a little bit like cheating, lol, but this is what the flowers look like if you just roll them and don’t add or change anything.  I always cut all the little points off the bottom of each ‘petal’ because it makes rolling the flowers so much easier.  Starting the rolling process is always the most difficult part.  I recommend using scrap felt to practice until you get the hang of it.

Simple rolled felt flowers

Rolled Flowers using sizzix 3-D flowers

These are sweet little flowers that can be used for flower crowns, wreaths, hoop art and anything else you can think of!

The larger flower is Dark Pink and the smaller is Pink Clover.  The leaves are Spring Leaf.

Lavender Stem or Foliage Sprig

This is a quick way to create a lavender stem or foliage sprig.  It would fill out a bouquet nicely.

This is an example of thinking outside the box when it comes to die cuts.  You can get creative and experiment with them.  You don’t need to only make the exact item the die was created for!

Use a rolled flower die cut to create a sweet floral stem

As I rolled the felt around the wire I gently pushed the ‘petals’ upwards to ensure good coverage and an interesting pattern.  I added glue sparingly in a few spots as I rolled.  I used 18 gauge floral wire and 2 die cuts per stem of the smaller pattern.  For this design there’s no need to trim away the points before you begin.

The lavender stems are made with Thistle, one sprig is Fern and the other is Peppermint.

Create a foliage stem using a rolled flower die cut!

Two Toned Flowers

This is a really easy way to create a 2 toned flower without all the fuss of cutting out multiple petals in different colours.

Use die cuts to create a two toned felt flower

I used 2 die cuts of the larger flower and cut off all the points.  Offset the two colours and use a small glue dot at every petal to secure the colours together.  Trim away the centre circle and last petal.  Simply roll the flower and add some leaves!

I used Gold and Sherbet Lemon.

Use die cuts to easily create a 2 toned flower

You can also use two die cuts of the same colour like I did in the pic above.  These would be really cute as hair clips!

Mini Pinecone

Autumn is in the air and that got me dreaming up some fall decor!  I used Safari Brown felt wrapped around 1cm felt balls to create these cute pinecones, which I turned into a garland.  I used one die cut of the smaller flower per pinecone and I didn’t snip off the points.

Use a flower pattern to create acorns instead

I used 4″ lengths of 20 gauge floral wire.  Using pointy embroidery scissors, snip a small hole all the way through a 1cm felt ball and feed it onto a wire. (the colour of the balls doesn’t matter, they’ll be all covered up.)  Snip a small hole in a second ball and glue it to the end of the same wire.  Apply a little extra glue to secure the two balls together.

Snip off the tiny centre oval of the die cut and glue it to the end of the top ball.  Glue the first 2 ‘petals’ of the die cut butted up against the oval piece.  Practice wrapping the rest of the die cut around the felt balls to get a feel for the distribution of petals.  Then use glue sparingly to secure.

I put a pinecone on either end of the floral wire then wrapped it around a length of rope to create the garland.  I used 1cm balls with tiny leaves as berry accents.

Making felt acorns is super easy using die cuts!

Make this sweet fall garland using felt die cuts

Flower Stems

A dozen of these little flower stems in different colours would be so sweet as an arrangement on your breakfast table!  This design could even be altered or tweaked a little, perhaps with the addition of another few layers of petals or a different leaf design!

Use one die to create 6 different floral designs

I used a felt strip measuring 5″ x 3/8″ – 3/4″ to create the base.  Then I topped it with a 1.5cm felt ball cut in half.  I cut off the centre circle and wrapped the die cut around the ball glueing intermittently.  For a leaf I fed a circle over the wire, applied a generous amount of glue and pinched it around the base.

I used Pink Coral and Peacock for these flowers.

A simple rolled flower stem


I kind of love how this thistle design turned out!  Creating the fringe top was made super easy by using spring action scissors.  These scissors are a great addition to your scissor collection, the spring action is perfect for certain types of cutting.

Check out the Tools page for more tips on crafting essentials.

The fringe piece is around 3/4″ x 4″, I snipped about 1/2″ in, making really thin strips.  I wrapped the fringe around the top of an 18 gauge wire.  I snipped a hole all the way through a 1.5cm felt ball and fed it onto the wire.  I used a generous amount of glue to secure the ball to the bottom of the fringe.

Create a lovely wildflower element with these die cuts and a little creativity!

I used one die cut of the smaller flower and gently wrapped and glued it around the bottom of the fringe and ball.  I used Spring Leaf felt for this thistle.

Create a pretty felt thistle!

Phew!  That’s a lot of florals!  They’re pretty together too!

One pattern can create several different designs

So you see, one pattern can create several different floral designs!

DIY Felt Flower Arrangement

Felt Flower Tutorials

I know this was kind of a long post, but it was so fun to challenge myself creatively in this way.  Who knew one die could produce so many different designs!

If you own this die, I’d love to see what you’ve made with it!  Add your pictures in the comments!

10 Responses to Die Cutting Felt: One Die, Six Designs

  1. This is so great. I’ve had this die forever and never realized you can do so much with it. Thank you for the inspiration.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Just beautiful! You are very inspiring to me. Thank you

  3. Love the lavender stems, the mini pine cones and the fringe stems. Very ingenious of you and thanks for sharing!

  4. Kee Ostler says:

    Wonderful inspiration! Thank you for the brilliant ideas…I have that die, it is one of my favorites, but I will be adding your lovely flowers to my mix!

  5. Shatha says:

    This is awesome thanks for sharing!! Xoxo

  6. Diana says:

    This is soooooo AWESOME! Thank you! Can you help me find more of your DIY FELT FLOWERS tutorial.

  7. Julie Janeway says:

    Well thank God I found you! You helped me soooo much with figuring out which dies would cut felt. You answered one of my burning questions (would thinlits work on felt), but now my other question are these: what exactly are Sizzix Originals? Can they only be used on paper? Are they kind of like a Thinlit and could be used on a single layer of felt? And….same questions but relating to Sizzlits, Framelits, and magnetic dies. Final question: any experience with Whitelotous dies? I have a brand new Big Shot Plus on the way.
    BTW, I am a Canadian living in Michigan. Happy to be your American Joanne’s connection!!!

    • Laura says:

      Hi Julie, I’m so glad you found the info helpful!
      As far as I can tell, Sizzix Originals aren’t any different from a regular steel rule die, so they can cut felt and they can cut multiple layers.
      Sizzlits and Framelits can only cut one layer at a time. With felt you may have to run them through the machine more than once, You’ll have to play around with the various dies. I have never used Magnetic Dies and I’ve never heard of Whitelotous. From a quick search, the whitelotous dies look quite intricate which doesn’t always work well with felt.
      You’re going to love your new big shot!!

  8. Emy says:

    I just got a Big Shot tonight.
    Found your site and I’m even more excited! Awesome inspiration. I’ll be using it mostly for felt flowers for my dolls.

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