How to Ink Felt

Wool felt is such a versatile material, you can do a number of crafty things to it to create the exact project you have in mind.  Included in that list is applying ink to add dimension to your florals.

Using ink to add dimension to your felt florals is an easy way to make them more realistic and interesting!

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Adding ink to felt is actually fairly easy, and the result is super pretty!  You can use any regular type of ink pad, it doesn’t need to be a specialty ink.

Here are 2 ways I’ve applied ink to my felt florals.

Dabbing & Swiping

If you use small ink pads like these ones,  or these ones you can manoeuvre around all the edges and corners of your petals.

Dabbing ink onto felt using a small ink pad

You can either dab your ink pad all along the edges of the petals or gently swipe the ink pad up and down the edges.

If you’re curious, I used Little B – Daisy & Mum for the succulent and Lia Griffith’s Apple Blossom for the blossom flower.  (The blossom die is on clearance right now, so snatch it up if you like it!  The succulent die appears to be no longer available.)

(edit: I found the Daisy & Mum die on Amazon, but it’s pricey.  Might be worth keeping an eye on it though in case the price drops.)


If you’re trying to apply the ink in a very specific pattern, I recommend using a paint brush.  I tried the little blossom flower two different ways.  I think I prefer the colour in the centre of the flower.  🙂

Use a paint brush to add ink to felt flowers

If you’re wondering about the colours, I used Pearl for the blossom flower and Peppermint for the succulent.


In order to set the ink, cover your pieces in a thin press cloth and gently iron them with no steam.  Then assemble your florals as you usually would!

I don’t recommend inking designs that will require washing.  Stick to flowers or art pieces that will only need occasional dusting.

Adding ink to felt succulents will give them dimension

What do you think?  Is inking felt something you would try?

Happy Crafting!

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