Housework and Handcrafts: My Top 8 Time Management Tips

Finding balance between our passion for crafting and the demands of running a house.

If our craft supply stash is any indication, I think it’s safe to say that we’d all rather be crafting!  Unfortunately every now and then we have stop for a moment to vacuum up the snipped threads.

I’ve been balancing household management and my creative business for long enough that I have a few helpful tips to share.  Even if you’re not running a business, more time for crafting is never a bad thing!

1. Start the day off on the right foot.  I always make the beds and open the curtains (sometimes the windows too to air out the room) as soon as we get up.  It sets the tone for the day.  In my house you can see the beds as you go up the stairs, it makes a huge difference in how the house looks when the beds are tidy and rooms have light even if the floors are still covered in toys!

Start the day off on the right foot. Make the beds and open the curtains to set the tone for the day.

2. If you notice a dirty surface (counter, floor, window etc) you should clean it right away, don’t wait.  It can take only a few minutes to accomplish but will go a long way in making the house tidier and your mood brighter

3. Blitz the kitchen after lunch.  Unload and load the dishwasher, empty the dish rack and wash the breakfast pans.  It will make dinner prep go much smoother and clean up afterwards won’t take as long

4. Have your craft projects readily available so you’re not wasting time with set up.  You don’t want to be dragging out craft bins from under the stairs while the kids climb on you and insist on digging through the Christmas decorations.

5. Designate a craft zone for yourself and make the kiddos understand not to touch your stuff.  I have a desk in our living room and the boys are forbidden from touching anything on it.  I’ve never had any trouble with that system.  (Once they were old enough to understand.  I used child locks on dressers before that!)

Designate a craft space and make sure everyone else stays away from it!

6. Try to get necessary chores done before nap time, then precious nap time can be used for quiet crafting!  I’ll have the kitchen blitzed and laundry going before the little one naps.  Then I force myself to have laundry folded and put away before they go to bed for the night.  That way we aren’t rummaging through baskets to find their clothes in the morning.

7. Share the evening chores with your spouse.  When you have kids, the work day doesn’t end when you walk in the door.  (I’m not sure it ever ends actually)  I pick up the floors, clean the kitchen and put away laundry immediately after dinner and while my husband puts the kids to bed.  He takes out the garbage and deals with recyclables.  Then we have the rest of the evening to focus on things other than housework.

8. Finish the day off strong.  Get all the dirty laundry off the floors and into the hamper.  Change out any damp hand towels and tie up the bathroom and diaper garbage.

How do you strike a balance between housework and finding time to craft?

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