Too Many Ideas & Not Enough Time: How to Prioritize Your Creativity

What to do when you have too many ideas and not enough time.

A big problem among us creative types is that our vast number of ideas greatly surpasses the number of hours in a day.  It’s a remarkable bummer.  At some point we have to face facts though, we would probably need three lifetimes to test out all the ideas bouncing around our brains.  And I have seen craft supply stashes that could fill a vault at Gringott’s.  Sometimes we just need to reel it in a bit.

Here’s my system for prioritizing creativity:

Purge out the supplies and ideas that are never gonna happen.  They are overwhelming you and preventing you from pursuing the crafts you are truly passionate about.  Do people keep giving you their old craft supplies and you keep them out of guilt or because maybe one day you’ll use them?  Stop it right now.  Clear out the clutter.

Do you have supplies that you bought for previous ideas that didn’t turn out the way you wanted?  Did you buy the wrong size of something and promptly lost the receipt?  Find someone to give it to or send it to the second hand store.  You won’t miss it once it’s gone.  And new ideas will then have the space to grow.

How to Prioritize when you have too so many creative ideas and not enough time

Make a list to get the ideas out of your head.  Having too many ideas bouncing around can be paralyzing.  Get them written down so you can focus on one thing at a time without forgetting everything else.

Which projects have deadlines?  Do those first.  It could be custom orders or you’re working on a baby shower gift or a birthday decoration.  Get those projects out of the way so you’re not fretting about having enough time to get them done later.

Keep a notebook with you at all times so you can jot down ideas when you’re out and about.  That’s usually when ideas hit me.  Or take a picture to remind yourself.  If I see a pretty garden sometimes I’ll snap some pictures to help me design flowers later.

Try to be realistic.  Do your ideas require investing in more supplies or equipment?  Is it worth it in the long run?  How much time will the project cost you?  Sometimes you can have the best idea but there’s just no realistic way to execute it.  Wallow in disappointment for a moment or two then move on to the next idea!

A system for prioritizing your creativity

Come to terms with the process.  Real life gets in the way of creativity.  It just does.  Try not to fight it or you will end up frustrated.

Finally, persevere.  I usually have a breakthrough during the design process right before I give up!

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Tell me, what do you do when friends and relatives clean out their basements and bring you all their craft supplies?

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